Competence and re-entry to the active practice of medicine

Termination of/Re-Entrance to Practice

Adopted: Sun, 2010-09-26

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Reviewed 2014-11-13 - no changes

The ability to practice medicine results from a complex interaction of knowledge, physical skills, judgment, and character tempered by experience leading to competence. Maintenance of competence requires a commitment to lifelong learning and the continuous practice of podiatric medicine, in whatever field one has chosen. Absence from the active practice of podiatric medicine leads to the attenuation of the ability to practice competently.

It is the position of the North Carolina Board of Podiatry Examiners, in accord with GS 90-6(a), that practitioners seeking licensure, or reactivation of a North Carolina podiatry license, who have had an interruption, for whatever reason, in the continuous practice of podiatric medicine greater than two (2) years must reestablish, to the Board's satisfaction, their competence to practice podiatric medicine safely.

Any such applicant must meet all the requirements for and completion of a regular license application. In addition, full-scale assessments, engagement in formal training programs, supervised practice arrangements, formal testing, or other proofs of competence may be required.

The Board will cooperate with appropriate entities in the development of programs and resources that can be used to fulfill the above requirements, including the issuance, when necessary and appropriate, of a time or location limited and/or restricted license (e.g., residency training license).

It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to develop a reentry program subject to the approval of the Board.